Beaufort, SC
DSTAR Repeater:
KJ4LNJ  DSTAR Repeater

444.075+ DV  "B" Module
‚Äč145.480-  DV  "C" Module
Beaufort Radio Digital Group in cooperation with SCETV and the SCHeart Group, have placed a D-STAR Repeater on the air. The System has both 2mtr & 440 modules. 2mtr Voice and slow speed data unit on 145.480 - , 444.075+ is set up to stand alone at this time. This Repeater is located on the Whitehall tower. The Gateway connection is up and running at this time.
The Repeater 2mtr "C" module is connected to Reflector 30c most of the time.  Look here to see all the other Repeaters connected. Reflector 30