Beaufort, SC
Here is a list of local Hams who have DMR radios along with their ID numbers in the event that someone would like to include the information in their code page.  If you're not here and would like to be listed, please send the information to
3145096 KD4KOJ Jim Gish                                              
​ 3145352 KM4PHM Thomas Kreutzer
3145224 N4HEK Eddie King                                             3145353 KK4VHB Warren Wilson
3145234 K3ZMD Michael Jordan                                      3145354 KJ4MOU Joseph Zimmerman
3145237 N2EIO David Jennings                                       3145356 K3LLH Paul Grayce
3145240 KJ4BSM Nicholas Horvath                                 3145358 KB9LX James Campbell
3145241 KI4ROL Dave Sherron                                       3145374 KG4MFV Donald Robbins
3145242 WA4MPZ Murray Baughman                             3145375 KG4MFV Donald Robbins
3145243 KK4GAB Ryan Spoone                                      3145382 W3WOT Palmer Jones
3145295 W4LGR Larry Ross                                            3145394 KI4HQ Donald Barrett
3145324 KK4WTF John Tyler Smith                                 3145421 AA4KK Joe Oliver
3145335 KB1CTC Jon Sinisi                                             3145436 N3DVQ Eileen Grayce
3145338 W8QKO Donald L Sealy                                     3145439 KB1BLB Sarah Grayce
3102903 KN4DNY(k4dny) Dan​                                          3150733 AI4JA  Gary Nojd
3110886 KM4ZFZ Robert Anderson                                  3145575 W1WXS L. Bradley​
3145347 KF4F James Gasen   314378 W4DOD Dad O'Donovan
Before you can transmit on the PRN system you will need to purchase a radio that is compatible with DMR. Below are links to some of the manufacturers, along with a links to some Amateur Radio friendly dealers. Make sure that the radio you purchase is able to be used in the Amateur Radio band. For example, some Motorola radios come in two band splits for UHF, 403-470 and 450-512 MHz. And while some sellers will tell you that you can use the higher split in the Amateur band, it is not an easy process. So, make sure to get a radio with the 403-470 MHz split so that it will transmit properly in the Amateur band.

While you are waiting to get your radio, you should request a Radio ID. Almost all DMR repeater owners throughout the world follow the DMR-MARC ID scheme, so you will want to get an ID from them. You may go to the following web page to request an ID:

When requesting an ID, use the name you want to show up in the Contact list of peoples radios. We also use your name as listed to load into the c-Bridge, so that is what shows up on the Last Heard list on this site. It is okay if it is a nickname, middle name, or shortened first name such as Bill instead of William, for example.

Once you receive your radio, you can then program your Radio ID into it. If you are not able to program your radio, feel free to contact us and we will make sure you can get your radio programmed. If you are able to program your radio, we suggest using one of the generic code plugs available in the Downloads section of this site to get you on the air quickly, and to use them as a guide to customize your radio to your liking. Remember:  DMR HT's are unlike Ham HT's in that when you key the HT, you send a signal to the repeater and the repeater responds back to you to acknowledge you can transmit your message. If you do not receive the repeater's acknowledgement, your radio will stop transmitting and you will hear a negative confirmation tone.

For Motorola Radios and Repeaters, contact Jeff at Sandy’s Communications.

Sandy’s Communications
9851 Jutland Ave
Northridge, CA 91325

For CS700, CS750 and CS800 radios, contact Connect Systems:

Connect System, Inc.
5321 Derry Ave
Suite B
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

For Tytera (TYT) MD-380 radios, contact Anthony Roque at BuyTwoWayRadios
528 S. Cherry Rd
Rock Hill, SC 29732
800-584-1445 ext 226

BridgeCom Systems
113 South Bridge St
Smithville, Mo  64089
Anytone​ and more