Beaufort, SC
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Hams and Friends, our next Meet & Eat is 1130 Friday 3 June at Traditions, 830 Nicaragua St, MCRD Parris Island, SC.

​ All area hams, friends and significant others are welcome.

Parris Island map:[1].pdf

​As always, please let me know if you can come, including how many are with you. Guess early, and just let me know if plans change.

​Most likely, you will show your driver’s license to the gate sentry. You could possibly be asked for registration and proof of insurance. If asked, say you are going to Traditions. If need be, you can say you are meeting me there. To keep things simple, I wouldn’t say anything about a “group” as larger numbers trigger a different protocol.

​This is a nice place in a beautiful setting.​
​ Find out the latest on ham happenings.
​ Looking forward to seeing you there.

​73, David (N2EIO)