Beaufort, SC
BRAG has added a 440 module to it's DSTAR operation. The operating freq.
is 444.075+ DV. This unit is at 600' on the Whitehall tower, Green Pond, SC.
If you have DSTAR please let us know how this works for you. The 440 is NOT
connected to Repeaters or Reflectors. Any user may link to what ever they want​​​
all we ask is please UNLINK when you are finished.​
Dues for the 2018 year are now Due.


I wanted to give you the good news that as of today the Bluffton DMR
repeater is on the network. The coverage is not as good as we had hoped,
but we will try to make improvements to it. Currently I have been able
to get into it from the USCB, but not reliably and it hasn't been good.
That's from the rubber duck antenna though. I'm hoping that with an
external antenna you guys might have better luck. It's been operating in
stand alone mode for several days, but we connected it to the Internet
today. Closer to Bluffton works well.

The Local talkgroup covers the entire DHEC area, so you will hear people
on there in the Charleston area as well. All of the other Talkgroups are
functional too.

I know that you might need help programming the Bluffton channels and I
will be happy to help. With the ability to see signal strength on the
'Last Heard' web page we should be able to better determine where we
have holes in coverage so that we can address them. The Hilton Head
repeater is also up, but in a very temporary fashion. It is also on the
network, but has very little coverage. We are working on improving that
until the permanent antenna can be installed.

Let me know how I can help and we will try to make things better from here.

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