Beaufort Radio Amateur Group
Beaufort, SC
DSTAR Reg Pg 4:
7. You should try to log in periodically to check on the status of your registration. Use the same site address as in step 1, KJ4LNJ and use your callsign (IN UPPER CASE) and the password you entered during registration. If your registration is pending approval, you will see the following web page.
8. Once your registration has been approved, you will be able to log into the system and configure your personal information. THIS STEP IS REQUIRED. Once you are logged in, click on “Personal Information” at the right of the page. You should see a web page similar to the following.
9. Click on the checkbox next to the number “1”. Then click inside the “Initial” box to the right of your callsign on the same line as the number “1”. Type in a single space character. This will not show up but is very important. Do not click on the “RPT” check box. In the “pcname” box, enter your callsign in lower case followed by a dash “-” followed by your type of radio, e.g. 2820 or dvdongle. All characters in the “pcname” box should be lower case and there should be no spaces. Your web page should look similar to the following page (with your personal information shown). When complete, click on “Update”.
10. Once you have clicked “Update”, you should see the following popup box.
11, Click “OK” and your registration is COMPLETE! You may log out and begin using the D-Star network.
Welcome to D-Star!!!