Beaufort, SC
What do you
Here's where your electronic parts needs will be posted. Send me a list of what you're looking for along with your call and your email and I'll post all the information on the page. If you do get the part, please let me know so I can take it off the page. If you see something on the page you can supply, please contact the person directly and info me in your email. Tnx.


An inexpensive paddle for portable/outdoor use
A multiband vertical antenna
Misc. pieces of RG8-X with PL-259 connectors
Solar panels

.. also looking for:
...copper braid, probably 1/2", to connect Heliax to the Vac. Var. capacitor.
Anyone have anything like that? Ground braid would be good.
Only need a couple of feet.

William Griffith, KW4LH